Wolfgang is the Fursona of User:Hunter1034


Basic InfoEdit

Name: Dalton (hates his real name)


  • Wolfgang


Fur: White

Hair: White, short

Eye color: Red

Clothing: Blue jeans

Black shirt
Brown boot-like shoes
Metalic guitar on back




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coming soon (after he makes some enemies)

Skills, Abilities and WeaknessesEdit


  • He can mimic any voice he has ever heard (really adaptable vocal-cords)
  • He is an awesome guitarist
  • He is stronger and faster than he looks (Because of the nanobots he accidentally injected himself with when he was seven years old)
  • He can use electrical attacks (Nanobots again)
  • He can absorb incoming eletrical attacks (it may hurt a bit, but...)
  • ...He can't be killed by electricity because of it.
  • He is immune to ONLY fatal poison. (anything other than fatal and he's affected)
  • Spectrakinesis (only in any timeline after Project overkill)
  • Flight with wings identical to Violets, which he keeps hidden (only in any timeline after Project overkill)


He's not as durable as other people...

  • Fire
  • Ice
  • Guns
  • Explosions
  • Heavy objects
  • Magic
  • Can't drive any form of vehicle (NEVER let him drive!)


Super FormsEdit

(none as of now)

Likes and DislikesEdit


  • Music
  • His nickname
  • Inferna
  • Amadeus
  • His nanobot abilities
  • Computers
  • Books
  • Guns
  • Explosives (BOOM BOOM!!!!!!!!)


  • Fire
  • Hights
  • Driving (ususaly ends with a big crash)
  • His real name
  • Little Rubber Rooms (I'M NOT INSANE!!!! LET ME OUT!!!!)


It's Wolfgang's Guitar! Its a really REALLY REALLY Hi-tec device, capible of doing more than your average guitar

It can:

  • Change it's tone to mach any other guitar in existance
  • Change into many differant melee weapons (it normaly becomes some form of staff)
  • Change into several guns, complete with ammo (doesn't do this much...)


Inferna is Woulfgang's one and only pokemon. She's a Vulpix that was given to Wolfgang as a gift from his parents on his 8th birthday, and the two quickly became the best of friends. They have learned how to fight side-by-side over the years and are rarely apart. She detests her Pokeball, and Wolfgang only sends her into it if she has fainted or the situaltion is to dangerous for Wolfgang to risk keeping her out.

RPs he's inEdit

Werehog PlagueEdit

He shows up in Part 4 of the RP in time to stop Were-Hunter from bitting J. He helped cure Hunter (momentarily) by distracitng Hunter long enough for J use the vial on him. After the 'cured' weres changed back he was bitten, but did not change for some reason... He passed out after a battle with the Weres Kotuu, Hunter, and Fortuna.


"FEAR THE ALBINO!!!" -His most used Battle-cry

"I'm not strong... It's the nanobots... Take them away, and I'd be less usefull than Albus minus Argatha..." -His thoughts on 'his' abbilites...


  • I am not a albino in real life, I is a ginger.
  • I have a cat named Wolfgang (no, he isn't albino either. He is a normal Maine Coon cat.)
  • He and his guitar were named after the famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.


Wolflet (Crack Pairing)

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