LunarBeam is an extremely powerful but risky attack. The user begins this move by charging up energy with the nighttime. After the user finishes charging, the user can release the energy in an extremely powerful beam. This attack is risky due to the fact that the user must take the time to charge, leaving themselves open. The rate of charge depends on the weather, increasing in nighttime, but slowing in daytime. Because this attack relies upon the moon and night for its energy, it is a Dark attack.

Users Edit

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Pokemon UsersEdit

  • Ryu's Shiny Gardevoir
  • Ryu's Gengar
  • Ryu's Ninjask
  • Ryu's Rayquaza
  • Ryu's Malistoat

Species UsersEdit

Variants Edit

  • SolarBeam: Light or Holy variant
  • Chaos Storm (Kyle's Version)

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