Chidori is a powerful yet dangerous electric move. The user focuses a large amount of energy into their dominant hand, which then converts into electricity (Electrokinetics and Fulguramancers are able to simply use electrical energy). The user then charges at their target at incredible speeds. When the user gets within range, they then jab their target with the Chidori. The Chidori has immense piercing power, able to cut right through even the strongest defenses, and stab all the way through a living being. However, the Chidori has several weaknesses. For one, it requires a large amount of energy to be used. The user must also be able to move at high speeds in order to get the necessary velocity. However, the Chidori's greatest weakness is that while in use, the user is afflicted with tunnel vision, able to see only what is directly in front of them. This leaves the user open to counter-attack if they miss their target. Knuckles clan members with Sharingan Eyes can use that ability to aim properly, but other users like Statyx have to use well-honed reflexes to hit accurately.


Users Edit

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Variants Edit

  • Lightning Blade: A more concentrated and more powerful version.
  • Chaos Lightning Blade: A Lightning Blade used in conjunction with Chaos Control
  • Lightning Slash: Different electric attack similar to Chidori, but used with claws/talons/bladed weapon
  • Chaos Driver: Chaos variant

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