Chaos Flare is Will's signature ability in his base form, although it can also be used by Striker.

Usage Edit

The ability was based of the Chaos Spear and was first used by Will in Book One, where he used it against Leon, a lion. It is one of his favorite attacks, capable of shredding robots with ease. He prefers not to use it against organic targets later on, using more of the fire style moves he'd learned.

Styles and Variants Edit

There is only one style of Chaos Flare, where a flaming Chaos Spear is formed with a bright orange center and a flaming tip.

The main variant is a slightly weaker form known as Fire Spear.

Users Edit

Only Will and Striker can use it, but others, such as Shadic the Echidnahog were able to learn it from watching the users.

Will the Echidna


Shadic the Echidnahog

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